MIFOLD - The Grab-and-Go Booster is the first booster seat designed for on-the-go parents and children aged 4-12. Our booster provides the safety of a traditional booster seat, while its revolutionary compact design makes your family more mobile and ready for anything: school carpool, weekday outings, weekend trips and holidays. While the regular booster lifts a child to be in the position of an adult, the MIFOLD BOOSTER does the opposite, without the bulk and height, it holds the seatbelt down.



Supportive DenseFoam(TM) with unique FrictionFabric(TM). This comfortable seat prevents slipping, stays cool even on hot days and is easy to clean.


Built using SuperTough(TM) plastic pymers and aircraft grade Aluminium, MIFOLD is might small and might strong.


MIFOLD can be adjusted to securely restrain all children. Lap belt guides have three adjustments.


Quick-Clip(TM) allows quick, easy and accurate adjustment for children of all sizes as well as simple one-handed use, without having to look.

- 10x smaller, just as safe

- E8 Group 2/3

- 4+ years

- 15-36kg

- Up to 150cm

MIFOLD is a "Universal" child restrain system. It has been approved in accordance with the regulations ECE R44.04, and is suitable for general use in vehicles and is compatible with majority of vehicle seats.

This child restraint is likely to fit if the vehicle manufacturer states that the vehicle approval specifies suitability for "Universal" child restrains system.

This restraint system is classified as "Universal" in accordance with the strictest approval criteria, whereas earlier models do not correspond to these new provisions.


This child restraint can only be only installed in vehicles with a three-point static or retractable seatbelt that have been approved compliant with UN/ECE No.16 or other equivalent standards.


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