-Ideal for use during pregnancy & after birth

-Removable, washable cover

-Use from birth



During preganancy wedge the Widgey under your tummy for a comfortable night’s sleep. You can place the pillow between your knees and ankles to help ease pressure points on your legs.



Whilst sitting or resting, place the pillow around your waist and adjust until comfortable. Settle back gently and feel the comfort. We recommend taking your Widgey to work if seated for long periods of time.



Whilst seated comfortably, place the pillow around your body at the right height to feed your baby and help reduce pressure on your stomach. The Widgey is firm and will help support your baby’s weight, reducing strain on your back.



If bottle feeding (ideal with expressed breast milk), snuggle the pillow around your waist for maximum comfort and support for your body. You can enjoy prelonged feeding whilst engaging and bonding together.



Use the Widgey to nestle your baby as they begin to sit unaided and can fully support their head upright. Seat your baby deep within the centre curve of the pillow to provide a soft landing should they topple over. Do not use on any raised surface.

Nursing Pillow Widgey 5 in 1

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